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Month: September 2010

Project – Hobbyduino Mini

I have added the first project!  It is called the Hobbyduino Mini or Hobbyduino for short.  The Hobbyduino is my implementation of a minimal Arduino clone using the ATMega328 processor with the Arduino bootloader.  The Hobbyduino board contains a 5V @ 1A voltage regulator.  It also contains a USB-to-Serial device (FTDI) pin header for uploading… Read More ›

Gallery – Hobbyduino Mini (5V)

Added some pictures of a mini board based on the ATmega328 microcontroller flashed with the Arduino bootloader.  I’m also developing plugin nodes to go along with the Hobbyduino Mini. View it here.

Gallery – Hobbybotics Motor Driver V1

Added pictures to the gallery for version 1 of a motor driver using relays for direction control and a single MOSFET for speed control. View it here.

Gallery – Hobbybotics Power Board (5V)

Added pictures to the gallery of a basic 5V power regulation board. You can view it here.

Gallery – Hobbybotics LCD Backpack and Optoisolated Relay Controller

I’ve added some project pictures to the gallery for an optoisolated relay controller I designed to handle DC and AC voltages.  I also added some project pictures for the second version of an LCD backpack I designed  based on a PIC16F628 microcontroller. Check them out here and here.

Welcome to my blog

This is a web blog about me sharing my ideas (sometimes outrageous) based on a “boiling pot” of electronics, programming and manufacturing.  Again, I would like to state that some of my ideas may be out there as I love to brain storm, in the physical sense.  My ultimate goal is to learn by creating. … Read More ›

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