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Month: June 2011

Gallery – Hobbyduino Mini Boot-loader ISP Shield

Here are pictures of the Hobbyduino Mini boot-loader ISP Plug.  This plug (or shield if you like) can be used to burn the Arduino boot-loader onto blank ATMega328 or ATMega168 chips.  In essence, this plug is a minimalist AVR ISP programmer.  Go here for the gallery.

Project – Hobbyduino Mini Boot-loader ISP Shield

The Hobbyduino Mini allows for shields (or plugs as I call them) to be attached in somewhat the same way as the Arduino.  As such, I would like to present one of the first shields developed for the Hobbyduino Mini called the Hobbyduino Mini boot-loader ISP Plug.  This plug (or shield if you like) can… Read More ›

Gallery – Hobbyduino Mini V3.0

I have uploaded some pictures to the gallery of version 3 of the Hobbyduino Mini.  There have been some subtle design changes based on the recommendations of a fellow robot builder from Let’s Make Robots forum. Go here and check out the 3rd revision of the Hobbyduino Mini.

Finally some updates!

It’s been a while since I actually made a post to my blog.  That does not mean I got lazy and forgot all about the blog.  I’ve been busy finishing some projects to post but, documentation is the most tedious job to do as you never want to put out garbage.  I don’t particularly like… Read More ›

Project – Hobbyduino Mini V3.0

A little while ago a fellow robot builder that goes by the signature of ignoblegnome (IG) did a review for me on my version of a minimalist Arduino clone designed to be used for prototyping and finished projects.  The board design allows the Hobbyduino Mini to be used on a breadboard by soldering pin headers to the… Read More ›

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