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Month: June 2012

2012-06-27 09.56.22_1024x768

Tools – MakerBot Replicator

I wanted to get into 3D printing so that I can start working on some physical interfaces for my design circuits. Traditional 3D printers are way out my price range but, along comes the RepRap movement and with it an army of 3D off-shoot printers.  Now, 3D printing is within reach of the hobbyist.  I… Read More ›

Tools – FireBall V90 CNC Build – Day 5

On day 5 I got all of the limit switches mounted to the machine.  I spent some time trying to figure out where and how I wanted to mount the switches.  I also needed to find an easy way to actuate them when the machine reaches a limit.  I scrounged around in my junk parts… Read More ›

Tools – PCB Shear

I typically send my circuit boards to ITead Studio to have them produced since it is cheaper than ordering them from US companies.  International orders can take a long time to ship..usually around 3 weeks.  This can become painful if I find a mistake in my design and have to re-order boards.  This is why… Read More ›

Tools – FireBall V90 CNC Build – Day 4

Day 4 of the build is now in the bag.  Updates on the V90 status slowed down a bit as I had to wait for the limit switches to arrive.  I got the limit switch assemblies completed minus mounting them to the machine.  Go here to read about the ongoing build and take a look… Read More ›


Project – Internet Enabled Multi-zone Thermostat (DesignSpark Challenge Entry)

I’m currently working on documenting this project but, here is a link to my entry for the DesignSpark Challenge. The competition has already been decided and my entry garnered an honorable mention award! This was the first competition that I entered and to win an honorable mention out of over 1000 entrants means a lot… Read More ›


Tutorials – Eagle Tutorials from Around the Web

I have used many schematic/PCB capture applications and I find that Cadsoft Eagle seems to be the standard for hobbyists.  As such, there are some peculiar features that takes some getting use to.  For instance, the user interface does not function like many point-n-click applications.  You can Google eagle tutorials and find plenty.    … Read More ›

2012-06-04 00.45.19

Parts – DC 12V 2A Switching Power Supply Transformer

Here is another parts post for a 12V @2A switching power supply. This unit is small and has an aluminum case with cutouts for mounting. I used this power supply in my Reflow Controller project.  You can find it on ebay here (link will expire) or search for a DC 12V 2A Switching Power Supply Regulated…. Read More ›

2012-06-03 23.33.21_1024x768

Parts – DC 5V 2A Switching Power Supply Transformer

Most of my projects require some type of power source. Now, I could go the DIY route and build my own power supply or I can do a search on ebay and find what I am looking for already finished and ready to go. Here we have a Minghuada MHD-10VA switching power supply that accepts… Read More ›

Tools – FireBall V90 CNC Build – Day 3

Day 3 of the build went somewhat quicker than day 2.  I got the machine fully assembled and operational (minus adjustments).  Go here to read about the ongoing build and take a look at some pictures along the way.

Tools – FireBall V90 CNC Build – Day 2

Day 2 of the build is a wrap.  I got more accomplished today than I thought I would be able to do.  I managed to unwrap and inspect the remainder of the parts in addition to assembling the gantry and the base.  Go here to read about the ongoing build and take a look at… Read More ›

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