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Gallery – Hobbybotics MAX6675 Thermocouple Breakout V1.0

May 12, 2012

Here is a link to the gallery for the MAX6675 Breakout Board V1.0.  Check out the gallery here and the project here.

Gallery – Hobbyduino XBee Plug V1.0

I’m pretty sure the majority of my projects will never be considered “Complete” as I’m always tinkering with the firmware to add or refine features.  However, I like to give my projects a finished look which means they will be inside of enclosures or integrated into other devices.  It would be nice if I could… Read More ›

Gallery – Hobbybotics CNZ1120 Photo Interrupter V2.0

I updated the CNZ1120 Photo Interrupter board to version 2.0.  Check out the gallery here.

Gallery – Hobbyduino Mini Boot-loader ISP Shield

Here are pictures of the Hobbyduino Mini boot-loader ISP Plug.  This plug (or shield if you like) can be used to burn the Arduino boot-loader onto blank ATMega328 or ATMega168 chips.  In essence, this plug is a minimalist AVR ISP programmer.  Go here for the gallery.

Gallery – Hobbyduino Mini V3.0

I have uploaded some pictures to the gallery of version 3 of the Hobbyduino Mini.  There have been some subtle design changes based on the recommendations of a fellow robot builder from Let’s Make Robots forum. Go here and check out the 3rd revision of the Hobbyduino Mini.

Gallery – Hobbybotics PCF8574A I2C I/O Expander

The Hobbybotics I2C I/O Expander is based on the Philips PCF8574A.  The PCF8574A provides eight bits of I/O with the use of only two micro-controller pins.  Included are pictures of the first version of the PCB.  Go here and check out the pictures.

Gallery – Hobbyduino Mini (5V)

Added some pictures of a mini board based on the ATmega328 microcontroller flashed with the Arduino bootloader.  I’m also developing plugin nodes to go along with the Hobbyduino Mini. View it here.

Gallery – Hobbybotics Motor Driver V1

Added pictures to the gallery for version 1 of a motor driver using relays for direction control and a single MOSFET for speed control. View it here.

Gallery – Hobbybotics Power Board (5V)

Added pictures to the gallery of a basic 5V power regulation board. You can view it here.

Gallery – Hobbybotics LCD Backpack and Optoisolated Relay Controller

I’ve added some project pictures to the gallery for an optoisolated relay controller I designed to handle DC and AC voltages.  I also added some project pictures for the second version of an LCD backpack I designed  based on a PIC16F628 microcontroller. Check them out here and here.

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