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Software – File2Part: Software That Makes 3D Printing Easy

September 13, 2012

I am now a supporter of the crowd-funded open-source project known as File2part.  File2Part provides slicing and file fixing software compatible with a range of 3D printers including MakerBot and Bits from Bytes.  The software provides an easy OneClick solution for 3D printing and supports importing of STL, PLY, VRML, 3DS, DXF, OBJ, LWO and SketchUp Collada… Read More ›


Software – codebender: A Web Platform for Hackers, Makers and Artists

I am now a supporter of the crowd-funded open-source project known as codebender.  Codebender is a cloud-based Arduino IDE that provides the capability to edit, compile and upload your code to an Arduino from a web browser. The cloud based IDE implements clang which is a compiler that provides descriptive warnings, fast compile times, low memory usage and compatibility… Read More ›

Hobbybotics Motor Tester V1.0

Software – Hobbybotics Motor Controller Tester V1.0

I wrote this application to test the Hobbybotics Motor Controller.  This application controls the motor controller over the serial port by way of a micro-controller.  Take a look at the project page for more details.  You can find it here.


Software – Voltage Divider Network Calculator

I’m working on several projects that I want to include a voltmeter to monitor battery levels.  One of the easier methods is to use a resistor voltage divider network and a zener diode to scale the input voltage to a value safe for the Analog-to-Digital (ADC) pin.  I developed a voltage divider calculator in C# to help… Read More ›


Software – Arduino TFT Touchscreen RGB Color Mixer

Adafruit sells a really nice touchscreen and shield for the Arduino (other microcontrollers welcome).  They also provide a library for the Arduino that makes the touchscreen easy to use.  I want to use the touchscreen to develop some custom menus but, found it difficult to figure out RGB color codes.  So, I wrote a little C#… Read More ›

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