Project – Hobbyduino Mini

I have added the first project!  It is called the Hobbyduino Mini or Hobbyduino for short.  The Hobbyduino is my implementation of a minimal Arduino clone using the ATMega328 processor with the Arduino bootloader.  The Hobbyduino board contains a 5V @ 1A voltage regulator.  It also contains a USB-to-Serial device (FTDI) pin header for uploading sketches using the Arduino Ide.  I’ll be adding some projects and tutorials using the Hobbyduino so, stay tuned.  In the meantime, go here and check out the project or go here to check out the gallery.


Welcome to my blog

This is a web blog about me sharing my ideas (sometimes outrageous) based on a “boiling pot” of electronics, programming and manufacturing.  Again, I would like to state that some of my ideas may be out there as I love to brain storm, in the physical sense.  My ultimate goal is to learn by creating.  To do so, I need to actually build stuff instead of thinking about building stuff.  I hope that this stuff will become useful to me and to others that may casually browse to my page.

My secondary goal (more like hope) is that others may learn from what information I provide and, maybe, help me learn by providing some information.  Some of the projects I present may seem like I am spinning the wheel with the, “Been there, done that before” mentality.  But, I do it with a reason–to learn.  I intend to build things that I would consider useful, interesting, and low-cost.  My thoughts are, why explore something if it will not provide a suitable return (function and knowledge).

So, stay tuned for what I plan to offer.