Hobbyduino Mini Screw Plug V1.0



Build It

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I want to expand the mounting options for the Hobbyduino Mini so, I present a carrier board called The Screw Plug.  This shield breaks out the Arduino pins to screw terminals and allows for easy attachment of wires.

Here is the Hobbyduino Mini:

Here is the Screw Plug:

Here is the Hobbyduino Mini mounted on the screw plug:


  • Schematic – PDF
  • PCB – PDF
  • Schematic – SCH
  • PCB – PCB
  • Mechanical Drawing – DXF
  • Bill of Materials – TXT

The schematic and PCB was developed with the freely available ExpressPCB software.

Build It

Reference the B.O.M above for a list of the parts necessary to complete the Hobbyduino Mini Screw Plug.

Reference the below schematic and layout file for component locations.

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This example shows hardware and software used to implement the design.  It is recommended the viewer use sound judgment in determining and/or implementing this example for any particular application.  This example may include information from 3rd parties and/or information which may require further licensing or otherwise.  Additional hardware or software may be required.  Hobbybotics or any affiliates does not support or warrant this information for any purpose other than a design example and takes no responsibility for any mishaps (none being implied).


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