The majority of my projects are designed to interface with the physical world.  This area contains firmware (micrcontroller code) and C# applications I have written to tie them together.

C# Applications:

  • Arduino TFT Touchscreen RGB Color Mixer – Adafruit sells a really nice touchscreen and shield for the Arduino (other microcontrollers welcome).  They also provide a library for the Arduino that makes the touchscreen easy to use.  I want to use the touchscreen to develop some custom menus but, found it difficult to figure out RGB color codes.  So, I wrote a little C# program to take care of that for me (and you).
  • Voltage Divider Calculator – I’m working on several projects that I want to include a voltmeter to monitor battery levels.  One of the easier methods is to use a resistor voltage divider network to scale the input voltage along with a zener diode to clamp the input voltage.  This voltage is measured by an ADC pin of a Microcontroller.  I developed a voltage divider calculator in C# to help me determine the correct resistor values for the selected voltage range I would like to measure.

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