Projects – Hobbybotics Serial LCD Controller V3.0

p80900101Some of the projects I design make use of character displays. The Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) I typically use are based on the Hitachi HD44780 LCD command set. Most HD44780 compatible LCDs use a standard 16 contact interface and are known as parallel devices. This project presents a design that allows the LCD to be controlled by a single serial pin from a microcontroller or a serial connection on a computer. Check out the project here


13 thoughts on “Projects – Hobbybotics Serial LCD Controller V3.0

  1. Hi! I work with engineering website and would love to do an exchange of website links and feature you as a site of the day on EEWeb. Is this of interest to you?

  2. Hi,

    The thermoamp sits on top of another board? is it an Arduino?
    Also has this been used with a Rasberry PI?
    Ps I’m a newbe

    • For the new design, everything is on a single board. Plugged into the board in the upper corner is a Bluetooth module that allows wireless communication. The other external board contains an LCD and menu buttons for manual control.

      The previous design was all-in-one but has a connector that allows an external real time clock breakout board to be plugged in.

      Let me know if this does not answer your question.


    • The code for the LCD controller above runs on a PIC16F628 from Microchip. Controlling the LCD controller can be done over serial port by a microcontroller or Serial connection from a computer.


  3. Curtis,
    That now makes me even more interested in a kit.
    Want to mointor cyliner head temps.
    Please make a kit soon.

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